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Founder's Club Additional Details

Details and Questions

We’d love to give away a car this Christmas. That would take a tremendous amount of support in a hurry though. It’s going to take close to 1000 Founder’s Club members to make it possible for us to do our first giveaway.


Regardless of when it happens, we have determined a three-step process that we will follow to identify the hero once we have enough support. Here’s what that will look like and how you can take an active role in it.


Nomination Period (NOW):  Once joining our Founders will have access to our nomination form and will be allowed to nominate one hero each if they choose. Once we have enough support to move forward we will start a review period. 

Review Period: Nominations will be reviewed by a volunteer group of our Founders. This review period will also be 2-4 weeks. Volunteers must NOT have submitted a nomination. We will solicit volunteers from our Founders when we begin the nomination period. Guidance will be provided on the review process to those selected.

Voting Period: We will begin a 2-4 week voting period once we have a shortened list of nominees created by our volunteer reviewers. All Founder’s Club members will be given the opportunity to vote. 



Can we guarantee that we will give away a car? 


Failure isn’t an option. That’s the commitment that our nation’s heroes make, and we are following suit. We will need close to 1000 Founders to make giving away a classic car a reality. It could happen this Christmas or it could happen on the 4th of July 2022. Regardless of when, it’s happening. The amount of support we have from other patriotic Americans will determine the when and what.  


Can I purchase more than one Founder's shirt and get more than one vote? 


No. However, you can purchase a Founder's shirt for a friend as a gift, but you will need to provide us with their contact info. 

Can I donate to the cause? 


We are not currently set up to take donations for this particular effort. If you are interested in doing something more please call Ryan Reeves at (816)267-5243. 

We are committed to keeping our Founders fully informed about our progress along the way.

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