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Help put our nation's heroes behind the wheels of classic cars!

Do you love America, classic cars, and our nation’s heroes? We thought so.

Would you like to get involved in restoring and giving classic cars to our nation’s heroes?


If so, you should join our Founder’s Club and take an active role in giving back to our heroes.


Our Founder’s Club members can participate in the following ways:

  • Join in the nomination and selection process for our heroes.

  • Get exclusive Muscle Up America gear.

  • Represent Muscle Up America in your local community at car shows, cruise nights, etc.

  • Volunteer to wrench on the rides.


We have three Founder’s Club options.

  1. Purchase our exclusive Founder’s Club t-shirt for a one-time cost of $59.99.

  2. Join our Founder's Club for only $10 per month and get the t-shirt and more. 

  3. Spend $70 or more on anything we sell and become a member automatically. 


All member options have the same opportunity to nominate heroes and participate in our selection process. Joining is the only way to get our large full-color logo, either on a shirt or on your ride.

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